Hello, I am trying to construct an AssetArchive fr...
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Hello, I am trying to construct an AssetArchive from a folder and upload it to an S3 BucketObject. It works fine, but it creates the archive in ZIP format regardless of what extension and content-type I use on the S3 object. I need the archive to preserve file permissions (e.g., executable bit), so I want to use tar.gz format. I can't find an option anywhere in the documentation for setting the archive format. Any ideas?
@many-garden-84306 I don't know which language are you using but you can create it yourself using a package (npm, nuget…) and then use a FileAsset
I'm using Python. I can create a gzip file of course but there is some trickery involved to hash the content in a stable way and ensure that the resource is not recreated (causing a cascade of resource updates) unless something in the folder actually changes.