I am trying to replicate what the `pulumi-eks` pa...
# kubernetes
I am trying to replicate what the
package does in golang but I appear to get an error. I'm trying to update the configmap for
. In the nodejs/eks version it does this
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const eksNodeAccess = new k8s.core.v1.ConfigMap(`${name}-nodeAccess`, {
        apiVersion: "v1",
        metadata: {
            name: `aws-auth`,
            namespace: "kube-system",
        data: nodeAccessData,
    }, { parent, provider: k8sProvider });
Which appears to work by actually altering the configmap. However in golang when I try do the same I get an error
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_, err = corev1.NewConfigMap(ctx, "aws-auth", &corev1.ConfigMapArgs{
			Metadata: &metav1.ObjectMetaArgs{
				Name: pulumi.String("aws-auth"),
				Namespace: pulumi.String("kube-system"),
			Data:       pulumi.StringMap{
				"mapRoles": roleConfig,
		}, pulumi.Provider(kubeProvider))
The error is
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resource kube-system/aws-auth was not successfully created by the Kubernetes API server : configmaps "aws-auth" already exists
I think I may have a hunch this is due to me creating a managed node group before the configmap
Which then AWS under the hood creates that configmap for me. Whilst the
creates the configmap before the managed node groups. Going to test that logic out
That rationale tracks, the issue is likely the name conflict, not the language SDK.
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Ok so that is exactly what happened. you need to create the configmap before any managed node groups else it creates it automatically