Hi, I created an aks cluster with two nodepools (u...
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Hi, I created an aks cluster with two nodepools (used pulumi_azure_native for it). It is only possible to set the kubernetes version on cluster level. If I change the kubernetes version to upgrade the cluster, the configuration kubernetes version is updated to the new version, but the nodepools are not upgraded. Can someone tell me, how I upgrade the kubernetes version of a nodepool by pulumi?
ha I’m dealing with this right now
My code is a mess so I can’t send you a snippet, but look up
There’s an
in there you have to set
afaict, though, you can’t modify
settings via Pulumi, which is causing me no end of headaches
ah thank you. Missed the orchestrator_version. Was looking for kubernetes_version like in the cluster
Yeah, I missed it too!
thanks for the info with maxSurge. Hopefully it works with the default for me.
if you are also dealing with this stuff right now, do you use the auto_upgrade_profile option?
No, I’m a bit scared of letting azure do these updates for me atm. I want to get there but I want to prove out the upgrade process a bit first tho
Which is why I’m trying to get it working smoothly in Pulumi so we aren’t doing it through the portal
we have also automated this stuff, so I tried this parameter in pulumi just to update the node_images and not the kubernetes_versions