A team have got into some kind of mess that I try ...
# kubernetes
A team have got into some kind of mess that I try to help out resolving. Everything started with this error:
resource complete event returned an error: failed to verify snapshot... refers to unknown provider
I checked the stack with a stack export, and the provider urn on the kubernetes resources seemed to use another id than what was specified on the actual kubernetes provider. So I modified those resources to have the right id (not sure if that is the right thing to do). That gave me another issue:
error: resource xxx was not successfully created by the Kubernetes API server : services "xxx" already exists
So then I thought I can just import those resources to my stack, so I added the import property to all the resources I had this issue. That didn't work either, I'm now back at:
error: Preview failed: unknown provider
So it complains on the provider missing. Looking at the stack and it seems like the provider id has changed, but not on all the resources. Do I just update the stack so everything aligns and hope for the best?
Making sure the ids/urn aligned once more fixed the deploy.