using the s3 provider is taking an incredibly long...
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using the s3 provider is taking an incredibly long time for simple stack operations such as
pulumi stack ls
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pulumi stack ls  1.57s user 0.41s system 1% cpu 1:39.90 total
there are ~20 stacks in the bucket, which I can't imagine should take this ls command over a minute to find im running pulumi v3.33.2 is there anything i can do to supply more information on this / is this a known issue with an existing workaround?
Is is possible to use AWS S3 Accelerated to speedup execution? Would it be worth it? Not sure if Accelerated also have great impact on latency.
1,212 objects at 30.6 MB under
in the s3 bucket
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time aws s3 ls <s3://bucketname/.pulumi/stacks> --recursive
0.85s user 0.09s system 19% cpu 4.931 total
just under 5 seconds for aws cli to list the files, which i imagine is all
pulumi stack ls
needs, though there does seem to be an awful lot of
files up there polluting the space too
pulumi up
on stable stack, Pulumi backend seems to be twice as fast as S3 backend. 29s vs 59s. Have anybody found a nice way to make pulumi on S3 backend faster?