Hey all. Quick question on aws crosswalk load bal...
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Hey all. Quick question on aws crosswalk load balancers and target groups. When creating an ApplicationLoadBalancer and a subsequent
, it looks like I don't have the ability to set the
even though is only a setting available to
. Example Code:
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const loadBalancer = new awsx.lb.ApplicationLoadBalancer(`${resourcePrefix}ALB`, { securityGroups: [ sg ] }, { replaceOnChanges: ['*'] });

    const targetGroup = loadBalancer.createTargetGroup(
        `${resourcePrefix}Group`, { 
            targetType: "instance", 
            healthCheck: { ... },
            // Would expect loadBalancingAlgorithmType to be set here
            //     but it is not a property of type: ApplicationTargetGroupArgs
        }, { replaceOnChanges: ['*']  });
It's creating each target group as a
which isn't ideal for what I'm building. Any work arounds besides going into the console and editing it?
Package versions:
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"@pulumi/awsx @ 0.30.0"
"@pulumi/aws @ 5.3.0"