06/09/2022, 12:29 PM
Hey guys, I'm using pulumi to create AWS resources, in this scenario I'm trying to create a role and policy and keep getting this error:
aws:iam:Policy (cloud-discovery):
    error: unable to validate AWS AccessKeyID and/or SecretAccessKey - see <> for details on configuration

Exited with code exit status 255
I am able to use these credentials to create resources manually so I don't really understand what's the issue with creating them with pulumi. I'm also not able to find any info on this error online. my code:
const podRolePolicy = new aws.iam.Policy(appName, {
	name: appName,
	policy: {
		Version: '2012-10-17',
		Statement: [
				Effect: 'Allow',
				Action: 'sts:AssumeRole',
				Resource: '*', 
				Effect: 'Allow',
				Resource: '*',
				Action: 'secretsmanager:GetSecretValue',
				Condition: {
					StringEquals: {
						'aws:ResourceTag/APPLICATION': 'APP',
If some can supply some info on this error it would be very much appriciated.


06/09/2022, 9:23 PM
It's not a problem with your code. That's a problem with your credentials. Are you sure you're using the right ones? Check all the env vars, config
values, and other credential sources that might be getting mixed up.