:wave: Hi everyone! I try to make a database in g...
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👋 Hi everyone! I try to make a database in gcp, but I always have a timeout and then I always have a stale state. I can't understand what I'm supposed to do, Am I missing something?
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error: post-step event returned an error: failed to save snapshot: renewing lease: [403] The provided update token has expired.
all the troubleshooting tells me to do is delete the resource and presumably try again.... But the database call takes too long and the token expires?
Any advice at all? Is there a way to manage this situation? It seems popular
@brief-carpenter-29515 how long is the database taking to create? what state store are you using?
Database takes like more than 10 minutes. Just default for gcp
@billowy-army-68599 that would be pulumi
is this a large stack with lots of resources?
I'm just making a database with a private ip
The database creation works but pulumis token is always expired at that point
so you're storing in the Pulumi service backend, using a standard
pulumi login
Nothing is non standard just going for default functionality
But that database is always stuck in pending
could you file an issue with your code and your org name in pulumi/pulumi, it sounds like a bug
Yeah I'll do an issue thanks. Found this in the meantime https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/7094