Hey folks. I've been having an issue with the `atl...
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Hey folks. I've been having an issue with the
in a managed
resource using the Node version of pulumi. The option seems to have no effect and the created resource seems to always have the default value of
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export const atlasPeer = new mongodbatlas.NetworkPeering('atlas-peer', {
  providerName: "AWS",
  awsAccountId: AWS_ACCOUNT_ID,
  vpcId: VPC_ID,
  projectId: ATLAS_PROJECT_ID,
  containerId: mongoCluster.containerId,
  accepterRegionName: AWS_REGION,
  routeTableCidrBlock: '',
  atlasCidrBlock: '',
This snippet creates a stack output of
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  "accepterRegionName": "us-west-2",
  "atlasCidrBlock": "",
  "atlasGcpProjectId": "",
  "atlasId": "XXXXXXXXXX",
  "atlasVpcName": "",
  "awsAccountId": "999999999",
  "azureDirectoryId": "",
  "azureSubscriptionId": "",
  "connectionId": "pcx-XXXXXXXX",
  "containerId": "XXXXXXXXXX",
  "errorMessage": "",
  "errorState": "",
  "errorStateName": "",
  "gcpProjectId": "",
  "id": "XXXXXXXXX",
  "networkName": "",
  "peerId": "XXXXXXXXX",
  "projectId": "XXXXXXXX",
  "providerName": "AWS",
  "resourceGroupName": "",
  "routeTableCidrBlock": "",
  "status": "",
  "statusName": "PENDING_ACCEPTANCE",
  "urn": "urn:pulumi:staging::journey::mongodbatlas:index/networkPeering:NetworkPeering::atlas-peer",
  "vnetName": "",
  "vpcId": "vpc-00000000"
...with an
, though the created peering connection instead has the default Atlas CIDR of
, as does its corresponding route table entry on my aws side. Interestingly, the stack output's value for atlasCidrBlock doesn't even change across
pulumi refresh
operations. Is it possible I'm doing something wrong? If not, is this most likely a bug with pulumi or with atlas? Thanks!
That looks like a pulumi or atlas bug. Might be pulumi isn't sending the attribute, might be atlas is ignoring it. I'd suggest raising an issue at https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-mongodbatlas/issues