Trying to update a Wafv2.. It's got some existing ...
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Trying to update a Wafv2.. It's got some existing manual rules (which I deleted).. but running pulumi locally with the rules configured always returns this error:
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Error updating WAFv2 WebACL, resource has changed since last refresh please run a new plan before applying again: WAFOptimisticLockException: AWS WAF couldn't save your changes because someone changed the resource after you started to edit it. Reapply your changes.
AWS claims
AWS WAF uses the token to ensure that no changes have been made to the entity since you last retrieved it. If a change has been made, the update fails with a
. If this happens, perform another
, and use the new token returned by that operation.
but I'm not sure how to force this
pulumi refresh
I didn't seem too 😕
I ended up just blowing away the wafv2 and recreating it all again and now it's stopped complaining.. but I really don't know why.