Is there a harm in upgrading typescript version in...
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Is there a harm in upgrading typescript version in a pulumi project ? I see that the
version that comes with pulumi is
Version 3.7.5
and I want to upgrade the typescript version to
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❯ npm list |grep typescript@
├── typescript@4.6.3
latest typescript I use for my applications has been working fine for me.
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thanks ! I’ll upgrade my version too
I don’t know if this is officially supported by pulumi, but the question did get raised so many time already - I think a clear answer to this should be stated on the official documentation some where. @billowy-army-68599 , @echoing-dinner-19531 or anyone else from pulumi, WDYT?
It is mentioned in that during the next major release Pulumi will move typescript to a peer dep so that you can bring your own version (disclaimer, I made that PR). I am unsure when the next major release will be, and have been using my company's fork for the past few months
@rapid-raincoat-36492 does that mean, currently, even if I specify TypeScript 4.5 in my
the pulumi will keep using
Ya know I'm not 100% positive on where the dividing lines are, as both typescript versions are used in part I think, but I am quite sure that this call: uses ts-node to register your module code, and that does seem to use
while performing things like module resolution and typechecking. It's been quite a few months since I really dug into what happened in that file (and there have been a few changes I think in the meantime). Sorry I don't have a more definitive answer (am just a community member)
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Thanks @rapid-raincoat-36492 for the reply and pointing me in the right direction. This really helps. I’ll look and experiment further.
@rapid-raincoat-36492 wow - this is great! many thanks for the info on the upcoming feature!