One more fun function serialization problem! ``` ...
# typescript
One more fun function serialization problem!
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import { promisify } from "util";
import { execFile as execFileReal } from 'child_process';

const execFile = promisify(execFileReal);
and then in a sns
I'm doing:
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try {
            const { stdout } = await execFile('curl', args);
            console.log("stdout:", stdout);
            msg.Response = stdout;
, I'm getting:
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  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (mcurl-typescript-mcurl):
    error: Error serializing '(ev, ctx) => __awaiter(this, void 0, ...': index.ts(137,57)

    '(ev, ctx) => __awaiter(this, void 0, ...': index.ts(137,57): captured
      'execFile', a function defined at
        '(...args) => { const { promise, reso ...': node:child_process(231,9): which captured
          'orig', a function defined at
            function 'execFile': node:child_process(278,17): which captured
              'ArrayIsArray', a function defined at
                function 'isArray': which could not be serialized because
                  it was a native code function.
This seems to suggest that the import from
should just be serialized into an import on the server, no?
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For the reasons cited previously, modules are captured in a special but intuitive fashion. When a module is captured in code, it is translated into an idiomatic require call in the serialized JavaScript code.
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This form of module capturing only applies to external modules that are referenced, such as modules that are directly part of Node, or are in the node_modules directory.
Am I missing something?
ahh, bah... I moved the
const execFile = promisify(execFileReal);
into the callback, and that fixed it
is this a bug?