# pulumi-cloud


05/04/2022, 2:20 AM
Re: Teams and stack permissions: Is it possible to have a Team get default permissions for all new stacks? I can create a new stack in any project in my organization, but I can't deploy to it because the Team I'm in doesn't have write permission for the stack. I don't have access to the feature to add my stack to my Team; I have to wait for the organization owner to do that. Could the org owner configure Pulumi to add my Team to the all new stacks (or at least, all new stacks in certain projects) by default?
According to, I should have admin permissions on the stack, but I don't...
Hmm.. I have admin access to other stacks, not this one. I guess someone else created this stack but never deployed to it...
Related question: is it possible to see the create / admins of a stack?


05/04/2022, 11:33 AM
Maybe in the organization audit log?


05/04/2022, 2:34 PM
Only org admins can access the Stacks Settings page, which shows the Stack creator. If it would be helpful to you for everyone to see this information can you open an issue in service-requests?
It is not possible for a team to get default permissions for all new stacks (this is only available at the org level). Please open an issue for this if it would be helpful to you 💜