Hello! I am creating a pulumi provider for <Sentry...
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Hello! I am creating a pulumi provider for Sentry.io based on this terraform provider: https://registry.terraform.io/providers/jianyuan/sentry/latest/docs, what is the criteria for it to become a part of the pulumiverse? 🙂
Nothing specific really. The main reason for this community is mainly to have co-maintained work so to prevent work going stale in personal Github/Gitlab accounts. We haven’t published any provider so far because I’m trying to get hold of the appropriate accounts in the respective package registries to claim the
namespace/organization. (Nuget/Pypi/NPM). Once I have these, we can consistently publish every provider within the organization with the same “identity”. Also gives some comfort and quality indication to the people using these providers.
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So to start off on this, do you already have a code base of the wrapped TF provider for Sentry? Or do I provide an empty repo for you to put the work in?
@handsome-candle-10543 for tracking purposes, can you create a Github issue here if you want to get started? https://github.com/pulumiverse/.github/issues
Code is in a private repo for now, since i am doing it for work.
I did not really know what to write but i have created an issue https://github.com/pulumiverse/.github/issues/18