might have found a bug in pulumis python test setu...
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might have found a bug in pulumis python test setup - seems to be related to helm template rendering - who is available to discuss this
Feel free to open a github issue to discuss it. We've got the community summit currently running so probably don't have anyone synchronously available.
ill be happy to report it to github, - but could also be a simple error on my behalf tho. running a simple unittest script:
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import unittest
import pulumi

class MyMocks(pulumi.runtime.Mocks):
    def new_resource(self, args: pulumi.runtime.MockResourceArgs):
        return [args.name + '_id', args.inputs]
    def call(self, args: pulumi.runtime.MockCallArgs):
        return {}


import infrastructure.infrastructure as infrastructure

class TestingWithMocks(unittest.TestCase):

    def test_kms_key(self):        
        def check_deletionwindow(args):
            deletionwindow = args[0]
            shouldbe = 10
            self.assertEqual(deletionwindow, shouldbe, "deletion windows must be = '10'")

        return pulumi.Output.all(infrastructure.kmskey.deletion_window_in_days).apply(check_deletionwindow)
where my infrastructure does aws resources and kubernetes helm resource rendering the error reported by pytest is (seems to be failing at rendering a helm chart):
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x = '{"namespace": "vault_id", "include_test_hook_resources": null, "skip_crd_rendering": null, "skip_await": null, "value... "1.15.8", "fetch_opts": {"repo": "<https://kubernetes-charts.banzaicloud.com>"}, "release_name": "banzaivaultinjector"}'

>   objects = json_opts.apply(lambda x: pulumi.runtime.invoke('kubernetes:helm:template',
                                                              {'jsonOpts': x}, invoke_opts).value['result'])
E   TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable

../../../.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/pulumi_kubernetes/helm/v3/helm.py:598: TypeError
============ short test summary info ==========================
FAILED test_unittest.py::TestingWithMocks::test_kms_key - TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable
============ 1 failed, 58 warnings in 7.21s =======================
the helm render it seems to be failing at is here (snippet from my infrastructure.py)
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banzaivaultinjectorchart = Chart(
        fetch_opts= FetchOpts(
        values={"debug": False}
    ResourceOptions(provider=k8s_provider, depends_on=[vaultchart], custom_timeouts=CustomTimeouts(create='1m'))
theres a dependency on a previous chart (hashicorp vault), and using a simple kubeconfig context provider
if you want this info copy pasted to github ill be happy to do so
I’ve faced the same issue but for yaml.ConfigFile resource. in the line:
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__ret__ = pulumi.runtime.invoke('kubernetes:yaml:decode', {'text': text}, invoke_opts).value['result']
Seems that the issue might be related to the fact that those resources based of
Yeh can you raise this on github, I don't know the unit testing library well enough for say for sure if this is a bug or user error, but it looks like its probably a bug with handling component vs custom calls.