Hi team, We have deployed elastic search in AWS us...
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Hi team, We have deployed elastic search in AWS using pulumi(python). Later we have upgraded with OpenSearch 1.3 engine version and working fine. We are trying to migrate data node EBS volume from gp2 to gp3. But got the error like below
error: Domain resource has a problem: expected ebs_ options
0.volume _type to be one of [stamdard gp2 io1], got gp3. Examine
values at
.`VolumeType`’. Based on AWS docs, r6g.large.search instance type is support to gp3 volume and using console we can able to view the gp3 option, but using pulumi got the error. Can any one help to resolve this issue and thanks for advance.
which version of the AWS provider are you using? This sort of issue is usually caused by: • the upstream provider not supporting the value • the aws sdk not being updated to support the value In any case, we can’t control this, it’s passed down to use
please update to
and try again
Ok thanks will check..