Hi all, I created a new `auth0` stack and it added...
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Hi all, I created a new
stack and it added clientId and clientSecret in a hashed format as part of the CLI set up. How do I add more secrets in a hashed format to the yaml file?
To encrypt a configuration setting before runtime, you can use the CLI command
config set
command with a
flag. You can also set a secret during runtime. Any
value can be marked secret. If an output is a secret, any computed values derived from it—such as those derived through an
call —will also be marked secret. All these encrypted values are stored in your state file.
https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/secrets/#secrets The docs are very thorough for Pulumi, stacks of information there. It just takes time to get used to navigating the Pulumi docs, but the
flag should be what you want.