Hello! I'm trying to run pulumi import aws:glue/ca...
# aws
Hello! I'm trying to run pulumi import awsglue/catalogTableCatalogTable where the table is a GrokSerDe table and I continue to receive this error: error: internal error: Error: Invalid template control keyword \s%{NOTSPACE:UNWANTED})\nINSIDE_BRACKETS ([^\\]]*)\nINSIDE_QS ([^\\\"]*)\nS3_FIELDS_2019_001 (%{NOTSPACE:host_id} %{SIGNATURE_VERSION:signature_version} %{NOTSPACE:cipher_suite} %{NOTSPACE:auth_type} %{NOTSPACE:header})\nS3_FIELDS_2019_002 (%{S3_FIELDS_2019_001} %{TLS_VERSION:tls_version})\nSIGNATURE_VERSION (SigV\\d+|-)\nTLS_VERSION (TLS.+|-)", "S3_FIELDS_2019_002" is not a valid template control keyword. It appears that this error is related to a terraform escaping issue, if I'm understanding the error correctly. Is there a way around this error or a way to have pulumi print what it's discovered so far, the error message indicates that it's pulled some of the table definition? It's a complicated table and I'm hoping to not need to rebuild it manually in code.