I'm getting an error when trying to make an Access...
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I'm getting an error when trying to make an Access Point for an EFS drive. The error is
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aws-native:efs:AccessPoint (TestinfluxAP):
    error: operation CREATE failed with "InvalidRequest": Invalid request
I'll post my code in the thread.
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const accessPoint = new awsnative.efs.AccessPoint(`${nam}influxAP`, {
        fileSystemId: efs.id,
        rootDirectory: {
                path: "influx",
                creationInfo: {
                        ownerGid: "0",
                        ownerUid: "0",
                        permissions: "700",
efs.id is from
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const efs = new awsnative.efs.FileSystem(`${nam}-influx-pvc`, {
        encrypted: true,
        fileSystemTags: [
                        key: "Name",
                        value: `${nam}-influx-pvc`,
${nam} is a config variable So does anyone know why this isn't working? tvmia
Unless there’s a specific reason to use the aws-native provider, I would be inclined to use the aws-classic provider (https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/aws/api-docs/efs/) since aws-native is in preview at this time and so you may be hitting a bug. If there is a reason to stick with aws-native, try creating the access point without the
- if it still errors out then try
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fileSystemId: efs.id.apply(id => id),
Maybe the efs.id is not being lifted as expected.
I discovered my bug. The path: needs to start with a slash e.g.
and not
as I wrote above.
I am using both the classic and native providers. Maybe I should switch to all classic until native is 1.x but I feel like native is the future and thus have been using it where it seems to work well. I created the underlying EFS drive with native so making the AP that way seem to make sense.
I was mostly making sure you were aware of the classic provider just in case it helped. And in this case it looks like it was a typo and not a bug in the provider. So, it definitely makes sense to keep with the native provider.
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