hey y’all. tl;dr - how should the directory struct...
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hey y’all. tl;dr - how should the directory structure look like? we have a vast existing infrastructure structure and we’re looking into importing everything into pulumi so it could be managed in an IaC manner. what I can’t seem to understand is how should we structure the projects and folders. we have a lot of “stuff” - dozens of route53 zones each with hundreds of records, hundreds of s3 buckets, cloudfront distributions, and a lot of other stuff. these components are not always a part of one logical product/git repo so we can’t have each microservice or monolith repos with their pulumi files as well. in such a case - how do you structure it? one git repo with each pulumi project in a folder?
hi @cold-midnight-33684 have you already seen https://www.pulumi.com/docs/guides/organizing-projects-stacks/?