Hello! Happy Friday! What should one do when they ...
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Hello! Happy Friday! What should one do when they encounter this error with a
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~  kubernetes:<http://helm.sh/v3:Release|helm.sh/v3:Release> airflow **updating failed** [diff: ~values]; error: another operation (install/upgrade/rollback) is in progress
Couldn't find any documentation about it 🤔 For now I've destroyed the whole stack & rebuilt it, which is thankfully possible for now, but not later 😅
bump, still cannot find an answer to this.
bump again, pretty sure I'm about to have to nuke the entire stack & redeploy it again because it's unclear how to rollback these resources 🙈
do you have other processes doing helm releases?
when they fail, the helm hooks fail in a loop
and it never exits 😞
do you have a reliable repro?
the only reason I'm using a
instead of a
is because the chart I'm deploying (Apache Airflow) will only deploy with its hooks firing. however I've goofed some config a couple times, and been unable to correct the pulumi state.
ahhh, maybe? I could probably contrive one with the airflow chart. creating a minimal one is a bit out of my depth, I'd have to go learn more about helm hooks, haha
it's essentially this job crashlooping that causes the problem.
okay, I maaayyyy have a minimal repro with that chart
that'll hang on first deploy, pulumi will just wait forever (I've seen it hang in CI for >1hr). you'll see a
that will keep failing. using
pulumi cancel
or even manually removing the
from state won't help. next
pulumi up
the preview will "look okay" but it'll fail with the above error 👍