Hi guys :wave:, Pulumi is amazing product, appreci...
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Hi guys 👋, Pulumi is amazing product, appreciate your work! I created some organizations (team plan) but there is no
page in the org settings panel, does this mean I need to upgrade to the enterprise version to use the organization level token properly? Can team plan users only be managed using account tokens, and how should we distinguish between multiple organizations? Thanks ❤️
I created 2 organizations and it worked fine during the trial period (got the organization token), once I upgraded to team plan this page disappeared and the original token stopped working, now I don’t know how to continue what I was doing before.
Org tokens are only available in the enterprise and business critical plans at the moment, though we are considering opening them up wider.
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And I'll raise it with the team again
Thanks for the reply. It’s just a little odd that the paid upgrade has instead become less functional, which can be quite confusing for users if there’s no additional explanation.