Hi! Project Level Configuration - for the win! B...
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Hi! Project Level Configuration - for the win! But I must have missed something - neither in the blob post nor in the documentation do I see how, using pulumi cli, to set a secret value in the project. I understand/see that the spec can be defined for a type such that it is a secret - but now how to supply the value in the project file. My use case is to set the devops:pat + devops:org url for the Azure DevOps provider. Any hints appreciated!
Hello @damp-honey-93158, it is not possible at the moment. The blog article announcing Project Level config links to a Github comment in the
Future Plans
section which contains this:
Forthly we will add secrets at the project level, this will be fully supported by the Pulumi Service in the same way as stack config (you’ll also be able to use any other secret manager).
Thank you for the reply!