Hello all, I ran into an issue with the `deleteBef...
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Hello all, I ran into an issue with the
deleteBeforeReplace: true
property in
. It seems like it's not getting applied to the resource. When I run
pulumi up
. Pulumi still tries to do a create before delete on a replacement. I put in the issue below but does anyone see an obvious error in my code?
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import * as aws from '@pulumi/aws';

const cluster = new aws.ecs.Cluster('playground', {name: 'playground'});
new aws.ecs.ClusterCapacityProviders(
    clusterName: 'playground',
    capacityProviders: ['FARGATE'],
    defaultCapacityProviderStrategies: [
        base: 1,
        capacityProvider: 'FARGATE',
        weight: 100,
    dependsOn: cluster,
    deleteBeforeReplace: true,
I was able to discover I had a miss-understanding of how the
flag worked in the issue references above.