Hi all, I’m troubleshooting a resource that keeps ...
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Hi all, I’m troubleshooting a resource that keeps wanting to be deployed everytime I run up even though no changes are made
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aws:kinesis:FirehoseDeliveryStream  unweb_fcp_etl_docs_lake  update      [diff: ~extendedS3Configuration]
So far I’ve run with
-v 20
but this did not produce any output, and I’ve also run through the steps at https://www.pulumi.com/docs/support/troubleshooting/ and cannot find anything relevant What is the typical way to troubleshoot this type of problem?
what does the extended diff show?
How do I produce one of those?
when you run
pulumi up
it should say
if you run without interactive mode
pulumi up --diff
Oh brilliant, that’s what I’m looking for 🙂 I can see some differences so will work through each of those This would also be very useful to have on the troubleshooting page
Thanks 🥳