Hi pulumiers! I looking to move all my ioc company...
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Hi pulumiers! I looking to move all my ioc company code from TF to pulumi but I wonder is it is possible to start just creating new tiny modules with pulumi and being executed in TF in a transparent way, to make the transition from TF to pulumi easier for product teams
No this isn't possible I'm afraid, the execution engine is completely different
We do have lots of migration strategies though, please fill out this form https://www.pulumi.com/contact/
You can read terraform state from Pulumi, so if your projects are split up enough that could work: https://www.pulumi.com/blog/using-terraform-remote-state-with-pulumi/ And there is a community terraform provider that reads Pulumi outputs: https://github.com/transcend-io/terraform-provider-pulumi