Hey everyone, we would like to set custom node ver...
# pulumi-deployments
Hey everyone, we would like to set custom node version. We got the info back from Meagan that we could either use pre-run commands or a custom docker image. Is there any documentation on this? Could we maybe use a
file, or
environment variable?
Thanks for the suggestions! I went ahead and opened issues in our public issue tracker: • easier node version support: https://github.com/pulumi/service-requests/issues/129 • update API docs for container version: https://github.com/pulumi/service-requests/issues/130 We should get the second one fixed quickly. Feel free to +1 or add notes to the issues!
From browsing our code, I believe the property you need to set is a top level property
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"executorContext": {
  "executorImage": "alpine/...",
Whatever image you specify, I believe it must have the Pulumi CLI already installed.
Thank you. I think we would prefer to use the default image, looking forward to the updated documentation and the flexibility we can get in the future 🙂