Hello folks. I'm trying to rename a project as I m...
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Hello folks. I'm trying to rename a project as I move it into another repository and expand it. I created a new destination project and wondered if I could use
pulumi config cp
to move secrets and config entries from the old stack.
you should just be able to update the name in the
I believe, although I hvan't tried this with secrets
That's good to know. Secrets did indeed cause a problem, though:
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error: failed to decrypt encrypted configuration value 'tokens-secrets:NEXT_PUBLIC_GOOGLE_TAG_MANAGER_ID': [400] Message authentication failed
This can occur when a secret is copied from one stack to another. Encryption of secrets is done per-stack and
it is not possible to share an encrypted configuration value across stacks.

You can re-encrypt your configuration by running 'pulumi config set tokens-secrets:NEXT_PUBLIC_GOOGLE_TAG_MANAGER_ID [value] --secret' with your
new stack selected.

refusing to proceed
I guess I'll loop through the secrets and try the error message's suggestion.