11/08/2022, 8:44 AM
Hi! I'm having some issues creating a Application Gateway for AKS ingress. According to the documentation from MS; It's possible to create the App gateway without specifying frontendport and backendpool:
az network application-gateway create -n myApplicationGateway -l eastus -g myResourceGroup --sku Standard_v2 --public-ip-address myPublicIp --vnet-name myVnet --subnet mySubnet --priority 100
This doesn't work through pulumi. This is the code I'm trying to use:
export class itssappgw extends ComponentResource {
        name: string,
        args: appgwArgs,
        options?: ComponentResourceOptions,
    ) {
        super(`pkg:ITSS:appgw`, `ITSS:appgw`)
        const AppGateway = new ApplicationGateway(name, {
            applicationGatewayName: name,
            resourceGroupName: args.resgrp,
            sku: {
                capacity: 3,
                name: "Standard_v2",
                tier: "Standard_v2"
            frontendIPConfigurations: [{
                name: "appGatewayFrontendIP",
                publicIPAddress: {
                    id: args.publicip
            gatewayIPConfigurations: [{
                name: "appGatewayFrontendIP",
                subnet: {
                    id: args.subnet
        }, { deleteBeforeReplace: true, parent: this }
But I get error that it's missing frontendport:
error: Code="ApplicationGatewayMustHaveAtleastOneResourceOfType" Message="At least one FrontendPort resource must be specified for the Application Gateway /subscriptions/xxxxxxxxxxx/resourceGroups/RG-Name/providers/Microsoft.Network/applicationGateways/GitHubActionRunnersAppGW." Details=[]
Shouldn't this be possible through pulumi too?