Another quick feedback. If multiple (more than one...
# pulumi-deployments
Another quick feedback. If multiple (more than one) deployments are queued, then all queued deployments except the last one should be skipped. Since a later commit on a branch does include the changes of an earlier commit. As far as I can tell, currently no deployments are skipped.
@fancy-spoon-46046 thanks for this feedback! a couple questions if you don't mind, to help clarify how you might expect the product to behave. first tell me a little about where you're most interested in seeing this -- are you primarily thinking of the push-to-deploy scenario, manual deployments triggered via the website, the API, or some combination of all of those things?
Since a later commit on a branch does include the changes of an earlier commit
i agree we can detect this case and short-circuit in-flight deployments. do you think it would be reasonable to still show these as "Canceled" in the UI? lastly, in the cases where the branch doesn't include an earlier commit -- for example if a branch pushes commit A, rebases, and then pushes commit B -- would it be reasonable to still perform deployments for A and B?
I don't think this should be the default behavior. At least an option should be provided if that were the case.
An earlier deployment might succeed where a later one won't. It's easier to differentiate and diagnose the errors if they are deployed in the order they are committed and not skipped.
@fancy-spoon-46046 would you mind opening an issue? I think we could offer this as a configurable setting. For the time being you can manually cancel queued deployments from the console.
@hallowed-photographer-31251 • we are currently interested in the push-to-deploy scenario, however I think having it configurable for different combinations of triggers would be great • cancelled deployments should be still shown in the UI, GitHub Actions has an similar approach (see screenshot) • the rebase question is tricky, but once a deployment is started is should complete, just pending once should be skipped. that should do the trick i think. @curved-application-45650 Agree. Having that as an option instead the default is better @lemon-agent-27707