Can I set the <AWS ECS account settings> using pul...
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Can I set the AWS ECS account settings using pulumi? Specifically I want to enable Dual-stack VPC IPv6:
I can set this using the aws cli, but I’ve a multi-account setup configured with pulumi and would need to set that for every account.
It seems pulumi only supports
of the settings listed at that page.
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const cluster = new aws.ecs.Cluster("cluster", {
    settings: [{
        name: "dualStackIPv6",
        value: "enabled"
fails with:
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aws:ecs:Cluster (cluster):
    error: aws:ecs/cluster:Cluster resource 'cluster' has a problem: expected to be one of [containerInsights], got dualStackIPv6. Examine values at 'Cluster.Settings'.
I’d like to invoke this command using pulumi:
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aws ecs put-account-setting-default --name dualStackIPv6 --value enabled --region my-region
So I did find: but it also doesn’t support