is anyone getting this error `Kubeconfig user entr...
# kubernetes
is anyone getting this error
Kubeconfig user entry is using deprecated API version <|>. Run 'aws eks update-kubeconfig' to update.
I recently upgraded my local kubectl to 1.24, so i've had to upgrade my awscli to 2.6.3 (released in the past few days)
@square-car-84996 which version of pulumi-eks are you using? this was fixed in 0.38
0.33 ... so that makes sense... thought
yarn upgrade
would handle that for me. Thought it appears 0.38 isn't released yet, the latest released version is 0.37.1
@square-car-84996 you should be able to download it now
This was actually caused by aws cli lagging behind on the migration of the api version above. Looks like it has been fixed: You will want to use the update instructions there to update your aws-cli
i've already updated aws-cli... just needed the pulumi-eks update
It is being released momentarily, apologies for the delay