Hi Pulumiers, and good morning to you all! If I i...
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Hi Pulumiers, and good morning to you all! If I instantiate a cloud provider (in my case Azure), then I will have two providers - the first one is the default instance, the second one is my explicitly instantiated instance. In the case where I don’t specify a provider nor a parent for a resource, is it deterministic which provider instance is used? My experience in the last two days tells me it isn’t deterministic - thought I’d ask here. Background: Earlier this week I introduced a new provider instance (explicitly instantiated in addition to the existing default provider) to an existing project that has been working for months - the new code made use of an explicit provider that referenced a different subscription in Azure. All of a sudden a call to ListStorageAccountKeys.Invoke began to fail, complaining that it could not find the resource. In this case the error message was showing the subscription ID of the explicitly instantiated provider. I’m using C#. Thanks!
can you share some code? might be better to open an issue for this