I am currently using Pulumi to write my companies ...
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I am currently using Pulumi to write my companies disaster recovery automation. I have everything set up in AWS using Pulumi (VPC, EKS, IAM, Kubernetes cluster configured). I now want to use Typescript to make several HTTP requests (to GitHub) to download some files locally during the
pulumi up
and apply these files as helm charts via the k8s.helm.v3.Chart resource. How can I make the Pulumi runtime honor my requests to GitHub, and then apply/track ~20 helm charts? Others have mentioned Dynamic Providers & Component Resources, but I have not yet got these to work successfully. Any ideas? P.S. almost to the point of writing a separate script that gets ran in my CI/CD that does this (but I would lose any tracking capabilities of Pulumi for these charts)
I think you could just use
? https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/github/api-docs/repositoryfile/#look-up the content will be what you want, you can pass that to the helm chart
Ahh, thanks @billowy-army-68599. Didn't know a GitHub package existed. 👍