# general


11/13/2022, 9:43 PM
Just shaving the yak. Wanted to create an ECS service on ec2. easy, right? For some reason NetworkConfiguration is required, even though I passed NetworkMode: "bridge" to the task definition args. Oh well, let's do so that it takes care of the log group and iam roles and use plain ecs.NewService. No, it still creates a task definition with "awsvpc" network mode. Oh well: Ok, let's just transform that resource using pulumi.Transformations, doesn't work Now is it easier to create my own component or fix awsx, or ask for it to be fixed? 🙂


11/13/2022, 10:40 PM
ask for it to be fixed?
Probably that, we've got people working towards a v1.0 release of awsx so I'd hope it could at least be fixed as part of that.