11/15/2022, 9:06 AM
Tried searching a bit here, but couldn't really find it. We're hitting a bug (or well, documented limit) in azure - it is not possible to have more than 10 deployment locations (i.e. where the
itself is run from, not where the resources are). I do not see any option of setting
anywhere - I would think this could be a provider level command. In Bicep or throgh powershell/az-cli you can run stuff like this:
az deployment sub create --location <region> ---template file....
where the
is the region of the `deployment`NOT the actually deployed resources. I would very much like to know if a similar parameter is possible in pulumi. Source of limitation:
Also, to put this in perspective - this doesn't affect any pulumi operations as such - I've happily deployed to over 16 regions. However - things like azure policy are blocked by this, meaning I have 10 clusters with security on them and 6 without - and no errors.
The official microsoft response on this issue is that I need to limit the regions I submit deployments to. Hence my asking if we can actually set this as an instruction to pulumi anywhere 🙂