Hey All, I am trying this component <https://www...
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Hey All, I am trying this component https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/aws-static-website/api-docs/website/ And have a question , when I deploy my website with example.com , it works perfectly, but I could not figure out the strategy to deploy subdomains with environments, such as app.dev.example.com , when I try, I’m getting an error that says route53 zone is not found. is this component supporting subdomains any idea how to do it?
Did you create
It says "targetDomain string The domain used to serve the content. A Route53 hosted zone must exist for this domain."
won't do it. But there's no extra cost to creating an extra CNAME record in route53
Yes I have example.com in the account that I am using , I thought I could go with multi account strategy like create dev account and add dev.example.com to there
But I am not sure how they check route53 zone
To test this idea , I tried to create resource with app.example.com , but still no luck
You can put dev.example.com in another account if you want to. If you are creating app.example.com, you need to create the DNS record first. The rule is in the docs: "A Route53 hosted zone must exist for this domain"
So if you don't have app.example.com in Route53, then you can't create the website.
Yep there is , hosted zone. I ran it to deploy for example.com. That works. :) Because my hosted zone is for example.com But when I try to create another app for app.example.com , it looks up for route53 zone named for app.example.com rather than example.com (in my opinion)
My fear is when I create dev.example.com in dev account, then when I create app.dev.example.com it will look up hosted zone with whole domain again :)
A zone can have any number of records in it. Create more records in the existing zone. A records if you're pointing at an IP address, or CNAME records if you're pointing at another DNS record.
Zones aren't DNS entries, Records are. The docs say you cannot have a Website at app.dev.example.com until you have a route53 Record for that name in a route53 Zone.
Alright! So your suggestion is first I should create record then website with this component. I guess, I will need to skip domainTarget option and update A record with webSiteUrl of bucket. Am I understanding you correct?
UPDATE : I created dev.example.com ,by following https://theburningmonk.com/2021/05/how-to-manage-route53-hosted-zones-in-a-multi-account-environment/ When I run app.dev.example.com with Website component, it’s just working 🥳 Thanks @little-cartoon-10569 for suggestions!