Hi, I am new to pulumi. I am using `google-native`...
# google-cloud
Hi, I am new to pulumi. I am using
and am getting an error when attempting to a create a IAM binding for a dead letter topic. Any help to get past this error would be appreciated. FWIW I've enabled the google IAM api, and am able to create the binding using the gcloud SDK without issues and also create the topic using pulumi. Thank you.
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topic_iam_binding_args = pubsub.TopicIamBindingArgs(members=[member], name = dead_letter_topic, role = "roles/pubsub.publisher")
    pubsub.TopicIamBinding(f"topic-iam-binding-dlq-{topic_id}", topic_iam_binding_args)
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google-native:pubsub/v1:TopicIamBinding :
    error: error fetching existing IAM Policy: googleapi: Error 501: The service cannot fulfill that request. [code=8606]