```var nicCoreMediaDevStorageAccount = new Storage...
# general
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var nicCoreMediaDevStorageAccount = new StorageAccount("mgcoremedia", new StorageAccountArgs
    ResourceGroupName = resourceGroup.Name,
    Kind = "StorageV2",
    Sku = new AzureNative.Storage.Inputs.SkuArgs()
        Name = SkuName.Standard_LRS
    Location = "Norway East",
Is there a way to set a specific name on a storage account through Pulumi, right now the storage account ends up looking with a generated name appended to the name I have given.
I think I know that. You also need to specify the Name in the args object i.e ResourceGroupArgs
so if you create for example a Resource Group: var rg = new ResourceGroup("dev-rg", new ResourceGroupArgs(){ ResourceGroupName = "*dev-rg*"})
In the StorageAccountArgs, there is a Name property. I think you need to set it there as well ie mgcoremedia..
FYI, the hex characters tacked on are done so that you can deploy the same stack multiple times in the same environment.
If you don't need this (or specifically don't want it for your use case), then do as @fierce-dinner-64337 suggested: supply an explicit name input to the resource.
Thank you 🙂 I fixed it. Looking better now
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