Is there anyway to undo an import? (python) I've i...
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Is there anyway to undo an import? (python) I've imported a resource using CLI, saw it's code but decided not to bring the code to the
file, even though the imported code isn't at main file, the CLI keeps prompting
Preview failed: unable to delete resource...
@straight-crayon-4578 get the resources urn using
pulumi stack --show-urns
and then delete it from the state:
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pulumi state delete <urn>
@billowy-army-68599 I tried that but got:
error: This resource can't be safely deleted because it is protected. Re-run this command with --force to force deletion
This will delete only from pulumi stack or also from cloud provider? I dont want to delete from cloud provider... Thanks!
it won't delete anything from the cloud provider, it just removes it from the Pulumi state
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