might have run into a small bug in CLI ```➜ data...
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might have run into a small bug in CLI
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➜  datadog (wall-port) pulumi version 
➜  datadog (wall-port) pulumi new --list-templates 
error: could not unmarshal '/Users/wall/.pulumi/templates/kubernetes-azure-yaml/Pulumi.yaml': Configuration key 'azure-native:location' is not namespaced by the project and should not define a type
➜  datadog (wall-port)
I found a second bug w/ creating new projects 🤷 Is there a “bug” channel or is it best to open github issues?
GitHub issues is perfect. Finding the correct repo to open them in is sometimes a slight challenge 🙂
Any suggestions for the CLI tool? bug 2 == CLI always thinks dev already exists.
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➜  pulumi (wall-port) rm -rf datadog/                                                                                                                      ✱
➜  pulumi (wall-port) mkdir datadog
➜  pulumi (wall-port) cd datadog/
➜  datadog (wall-port) pulumi new typescript    
This command will walk you through creating a new Pulumi project.

Enter a value or leave blank to accept the (default), and press <ENTER>.
Press ^C at any time to quit.

project name: (datadog) 
project description: (A minimal TypeScript Pulumi program) 
Created project 'datadog'

Please enter your desired stack name.
To create a stack in an organization, use the format <org-name>/<stack-name> (e.g. `acmecorp/dev`).
stack name: (dev) 
Sorry, could not create stack 'dev': stack 'sendowl/datadog/dev' already exists
stack name: (dev)
Can stack names have two `/`es? Maybe try something else?
And if your project is called
, then you should have
in your stack name only if you're using a backend that isn't in app.pulumi.com, but is shared among multiple projects.
So your stack should be 1.
(on app.pulumi.com) (note: no project) or 2.
(private backend shared between projects) (note: no org) or 3.
(private backend, just this project) (note: no org or project).