Hi folks. I’m giving Pulumi a spin for a new proje...
# aws
Hi folks. I’m giving Pulumi a spin for a new project. The project is pretty simple. • Docker image running a FastAPI REST API • AWS App Runner My Pulumi program looks like this:
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import pulumi
import pulumi_aws as aws
import pulumi_awsx as awsx

repo = awsx.ecr.Repository("ecr-repository")

image = awsx.ecr.Image(
    env={"DOCKER_DEFAULT_PLATFORM": "linux/amd64"},  # attempt 2: running on M2 chip
    extra_options=["--platform", "linux/amd64"],  # attempt 1: running on M2 chip

service = aws.apprunner.Service(
pulumi.export("service", service.service_url)
This stack builds and pushes my docker image but fails to create the AppRunner service:
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aws:apprunner:Service (myservice):
    error: 1 error occurred:
    	* creating urn:pulumi:dev::infrastructure::aws:apprunner/service:Service::myservice: 1 error occurred:
    	* error waiting for App Runner Service (arn:aws:apprunner:us-east-1:11111111111:service/myservice/111111111111111111111111) creation: unexpected state 'CREATE_FAILED', wanted target 'RUNNING'. last error: %!s(<nil>)

  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (infrastructure-dev):
    error: update failed
There’s not much to work off here. My App Runner console does give me these logs:
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11-22-2022 12:16:30 PM [AppRunner] Failed to pull your application image. Be sure you configure your service with a valid access role to your ECR repository.
11-22-2022 12:14:13 PM [AppRunner] Starting to pull your application image.
My impression was that
is managing the needed roles/policies for the image. Is that correct, or is there more to do here?
Any pointers would be very appreciated.
creates an ECR repository and uploads an image to it. you still need to provide a policy that allows access to that ECR
Thanks @billowy-army-68599 - creating a role/policy worked!
@astonishing-dress-81433 is this a pet project? I'm curious about production experience with CI/CD and App Runner because I have the same tech stack with exception it is built on top of ECS because when I needed it App Runner did not support VPC traffic so I could not connect DB.
Not a pet project but not a full production project either, closer to a proof of concept. We may graduate to a different hosting solution once we get a little further down the line but for now, Apprunner seems to be working. (We connect to a mongodb database from our app)