Hi all, I have simple use-case but it become harde...
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Hi all, I have simple use-case but it become harder 😞 I use RandomPassword to generate password and save it into variable
user_password = RandomPassword().result
the variable ‘user_password’ I sent to my dynamic resource which only create a query with the ‘user_password’ inside (Eventually is a string ) the problem is that the value is the Object itself
<pulumi.output.Output at 0x7ffe81ffe6d0>
is there a way to export the value i get from randomPassword into a string in run time? 😢 Thanks!
you'll need to resolve the output with an apply
Hi @billowy-army-68599 I want to use a random password resource with pulumi and send it as string to other function that should read this and put in file I tried to use with apply but unfortunately none of the tries succeed. do you able to solve any kind of this similar issue?
Yes this is possible, do you have code? You just want to write the file to disk? Which language?
Hi @billowy-army-68599 just want to write here (if anyone also will encounter this ) that this blog helped me to understand the
better and I was able to do it with
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script = user_data_password.apply(
                lambda db_user_password: script_str.format(password=db_user_password))
Eventually script is output that sent to a pulumi resource
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