Hi pulumi/postgresql needs to be able to connect ...
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Hi pulumi/postgresql needs to be able to connect to the database. But if I provision a db behind vpc without public accessibility (which is quite normal for db setup). what can I do for pulumi/postgresql to work??
You've got a few options. For example, you can separate the DB configuration work into a separate project, and run that project from a bastion within a suitable subnet in the VPC.
Or you could use multiple projects within a single automation-api app: one of the projects includes setting up direct access from the deployment machine to the DB, and that project's stack would be destroyed within the automation-api app.
Or you move your DB configuration code out of Pulumi and into something that does have access to the DB, like an app VM or container.
Thank you! I love the thrid one since I don’t need to change anything. 😁 got to set up a machine under the same vpc and run pulumi from it everytime.
That'd be the 1st one, right?
If you currently set up the VPC and the DB from the same project, then you will definitely need to change something.
Oh Yes, that is 1. DB is under the default vpc, so nothing need to change.
Thank you!
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