Hello again! I've gotten to a point where I have s...
# kubernetes
Hello again! I've gotten to a point where I have successfully got my EKS cluster provisioned and an ingress controller auto-creating an ALB with after detecting my ingress. I'm using
to deploy the ingress controller, and after the first
pulumi up
everything works correctly. However, whenever I run
pulumi up
again, it looks like Pulumi is trying to replace or update certain parts of the ingress controller. I don't have the preview but the failed update (remember, nothing has changed on my end with regards to the ingress controller, I just updated the image tag for my app deployment) report looks like the attached image. It causes serious problems with my cluster, and eventually I end up destroying my whole stack and rebuilding to get everything working again. Is there a way so that I can deploy that controller via helm chart and not have it try and delete/replace things that haven't been changed? I think the issue is similar to this one: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-kubernetes/issues/2035