Running `flux bootrrap` within a <Pulumi Command> ...
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flux bootrrap
within a Pulumi Command Pulumi reports errors when there is no error running the underlying command. I don’t really understand why, does Pulumi assume errors whilst receiving multiple lines of output?
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Do you know what the exit code of the command is?
I ask because the docs suggest anything nonzero is considered a failure:
Yes, it exits with 0 at the end
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❯ echo $? 
However, every line from the Flux CLI is being outputted as an error by Pulumi
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  command:local:Command (strap):
    error: ► connecting to <|>
    error: ✔ notification-controller: deployment ready
    error: ✔ source-controller: deployment ready
    error: ✔ all components are healthy
    + 2 created

Duration: 35s
Perhaps lines are outputted to Stderr in Flux CLI.
Confirmed: Flux used stderr for runtime output, and stdout for manifest creation so you can
it to files