Anyone know how to programatically update `roleMap...
# kubernetes
Anyone know how to programatically update
after a cluster is created? I'm making some K8s roles with namespaces in them, and I need to update this after the namespaces are already created.
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// Create an EKS cluster with the default configuration.
export const cluster = new eks.Cluster(stack,{
  createOidcProvider: true,
  providerCredentialOpts: {
    profileName: aws.config.profile,
  roleMappings: [
      groups: ["system:masters"],
      roleArn: clusterIamAuthRole.role.arn,
      username: "admin"
      groups: [k8sClusterRoleName],
      roleArn: clusterNonManagedIamRole.role.arn,
      username: k8sClusterRoleName
    // {
    //   groups: groupsList.apply(groups => groups),
    //   roleArn: namespaceRestrictedIamRole.role.arn,
    //   username: roleName
    // }
I think it might have something to do with