3 months ago
    Hello! I'm attempting to use the automation API to set an array in my yaml config file. I have a python list of
    ['us-east-1', 'us-east-2', 'ap-northeast-1', ...etc...]
    and the end goal would be something like this in my config yaml
        - "ap-northeast-2"
        - "ap-northeast-3"
        - ...etc...
    My python snippet is
    stack.set_config(f"aws:regions", auto.ConfigValue(value=regions))
    but that throws
    TypeError: expected str, bytes or os.PathLike object, not list
    What is the best/correct way to set yaml arrays with the python automation API? Thanks you!
    I was able to get this kind of working with JSON with the exception of a strangely formatted yaml
      aws:regions: '["us-east-1", "eu-central-1", "ap-southeast-2", "ap-northeast-1"]'
    stack.set_config(f"{project}:regions", auto.ConfigValue(value=json.dumps(regions)))
    regions = json.loads(config.require("regions"))