On a related note - the reason I am using a file i...
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On a related note - the reason I am using a file is down to an issue using a multi-line yaml string definition:
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kubeconfig: |
  apiVersion: v1
This momentarily worked when I defined this way. Then, a few hours later, pulumi cli started to error. i.e. it worked w/o issue but now it does not:
error: receiver must be a list or object, not nili
receiver must be a list or object, not nil
error: an unhandled error occurred: waiting for RPCs: marshaling properties: awaiting input property kubeconfig: runtime error
Has there been an update to the Pulumi backend over the last 24 hours. Some properties of a kubernetes cluster resource were, previously, available. It seems pulumi returns
now for some of them including
If so, I would understand such a move considering the sensitivity of this data.
Also, for added context, my inspiration to create a custom k8s provider and manual kubeconfig came from this Pulumi article: https://www.pulumi.com/blog/kubernetes-fundamentals-part-two/
Perhaps it is no longer relevant in context to Google's latest security standard and use of a cert..?
Please note - when I tested ^ locally - it works. ./kube/config is removed to ensure no authority exists that would facilitate a Pulumi --> GKE K8s API request. kubectl tested as not work to confirm expected behaviour
pulumi up
does work. I have tested creation of k8s objects via pulumi including updates and deletion.
pulumi does not throw any errors on invocation and am using a custom-provider that references
However, after some time, pulumi does start to throw the error.
Root cause is
starts to return
Is this expected behaviour?
Having eyeballed the
property value, via pulumi.com | Stack | resources - I can also confirm that the
entry is still there and valid.