another day, another question! I'm using the auto...
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another day, another question! I'm using the automation-api and suddenly (yes indeed, queue dramatic music) when I call stack.RemoveStackAsync() - nothing is getting removed (silence, tumble weeds...). The stack in question is still visible in my pulumi services account - and of course the CI/CD pipelines for integration testing are now leaving a looooong list of stacks in their wake. Anyone else seen this? I've tried a simple xUnit test that runs up a localworkspace stack (that uses PreviewAsync) and destroys it - no exceptions are thrown and the stack still doesn't get deleted. any hints / tips appreciated - and have yourself a great day!
One thing to note - the test I am running is expected to throw an exception, which it does - but I would not expect that to impact the SDK's ability to clean up after itself.
and - and another one - the stack name is a random string, without reference to the default org nor the project.